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Griff’s of America, Inc. has been serving “great tasting food” at our Griff’s Hamburgers restaurants for over 50 years. Our menu is not unique but the way we prepare it (grill toasted buns, seared and properly seasoned meat with fresh produce) consistently throughout the chain is what pleases our loyal customers for these many years. Again…..we believe that serving consistently “great tasting food”, using quality ingredients, at affordable prices is what a customer is looking for. If you are wrapped up in all the noise of the latest and greatest burger innovations, that is not us.

If you want “great tasting food”, at affordable prices, everyday in any of our 15 locations in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado or New Mexico then please come and enjoy us. We think you will be glad you did. If you have ever heard someone say; “I know this little burger place….it doesn’t look like much, but boy the food is great”…that’s Griff’s.

Come share the secret.

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